installation 06


melki way galixe



date of construction

forerunner-flood war


25,000 Light Years

Firing Record

1.2 Trillion Simulated, 1 Actual



istalation 06 was a halo array in rise of the Spartans

argonants arrivelEdit

main articel: Rise Of The Spartans (Part 1)

spartan unit dispatch unit kilo planed on going through a telaporter to Arcadia but ended up on this installation

the Argonauts where scatterd all over the ring swift was in the mountans,whisper was in a junk yard,ocelot was in a covadent base and capterd,brass was in a covadet base, and nightflash was at a vally with a UNSC base and a covadent blocade.

the battlesEdit

Battel of the high landsEdit

main ardicel: battel of the highlandsEdit

an A.I was held in the high lands and the covadent needed it to light the ring they came and invaded the high lands. swift rushed to get to the A.I. as fast as he could but failed then he was wonded by a waith.

battel of the tempestEdit

main articel: battel of the tempest

wisper soon regrouped with swift and a marine named mark they head of to find the A.I. then found two ODST Stephen and nathen they went to fight a whole covenent army alone Nathan got wounded and swift went to help the others need help so whisper coverd nathen marks warthog granted support but could not take out the sniper whisper took care of the snipers specher a odst captured brass was back ther as well brass rescud him and got the A.I.

main articel: battle of the island

battle of the vally ocelot soon escaped with the help of raptor an elite friend.ocelot was at the vally with nightflash the blockade noticed raptor take oclot there chasing the battle the UNSC won the battle coming to a island base.

battle of the island baseEdit

main article:battle of the island baseEdit

the covadent scouts dedecerd the island and a army came spartan dipach unit kilo and mereans took out enough troops for the eagles to engage.

battle of the cliff hangerEdit

main article : battle of the cliff hanger

the eagles transported the argonauts to a hanger where they where betrayed by sev

escape of the islandEdit

the covenent attacked the island a second time the UNSC was defeated then the argonauts rescued the survivors and left

battle of the contol roomEdit

main article battle of the control room

the survivors made a last stand to keep the covenant from lighting the ring the UNSC was defeated only nightflash ,swift and a hand full of marines survived but sev was killed so the ring could not light

UNSC midsummer night Edit

the midsummer night was a ship that crashed their having alot of survivors scattered all over the ring.

16807 Contrite VestigeEdit

16807 contrite vestige is the monitor of this halo array