The Argonauts (Spartan Dispatch Unit Kilo)Edit

The Argonauts

The Argonauts from left to right: Ocelot, Whisper, Nightflash, Swift, and Brass.

Christened by Brass, The Argonauts is a squad consisting of: Nightflash, Swift, Whisper, Ocelot and Brass Originaly Planted on Reach, Nightflash wanted to protect his squad. So, they left Reach in aim for Arcadia but ended up on Halo, where they were scattered in search for each other.

The Argonauts in green armor, plus Raptor on the far left.

Biography Edit

Fall of Reach Edit

Spartan Dispatch Unit Kilo were originally assigned, by ONI, to protect Reach. After all Spartans were ordered to remain on the planet, the squad's leader; Nightflash decided to use his contact at Trident Industries, a CEO named Blake, to teleport off Reach. After some debate from Ocelot, who thought it was wrong to abandon Reach, the Squad all agree to destroy the building they were assigned to in order to fake their deaths to prevent ONI from tracking them down. They then headed to the Mountains, in order to use a forunner teleport excavated by Trident Industries. After a large Assault from Covenant Elites and Phantoms, the squad teleport leaving an armed bomb to destroy the facility and the Elites with it.

Halo Edit

The Squad are separated as they arrive on Halo. After each member meets a different group of the crew from the Midsummer Night, a UNSC Stealth ship, they each realize that they are not on Arcadia but a massive Forunner Ring called Halo. They each learn that the Midsummer Night were destroying a covenant Corvette before it made a slipspace jump and was followed by the midsummer night. The corvette led them to Halo and another corvette the midsummer night then evacuated to the surface of the ring.

Team Composition Edit

List of Argonauts: -Squad Leader: Nightflash AKA David S617, a stubborn, protective Spartan. Status-Alive (Resurrected)

-Medic and Shotgunner: Swift AKA Clyde S213, a friendly but slightly insane Spartan. Status- Alive

-Heavy Weapons Specialist: Brass AKA Romero S024, a sarcastic and laid back Spartan. Status-Alive (Resurrected)

-Marksman and Reconnaissance Specialist: Whisper AKA Maria S316, a cool and collected support sniper for the Argonauts. Status- Alive (Resurrected)

-Grenadier and Assault Specialist: Ocelot AKA Randy S806, the gruff, impatient Veteran of war. Status-Alive (Resurrected)