Status: Alive (Resurrected)


Not much is known other than that he was a commander aboard the Midsummer Night.

Physical Description:

Gender: Male

Species: Human






M45 Tactical Shotgun,

M392 Designated Marksman Rifle

Storm was a commander on the UNSC Midsummer Night. He assisted the Spartans multiple times throughout the series.

*Spoilers Below*


Storm was a commander on the UNSC Midsummer Night. When it was attacked by a Covenant Corvette he escaped with his division of marines and set up a Sabre Launch Facility.

Defense of the Launch Facility Edit

When Brass and Whisper arrived at the Sabre Launch Facility he was friendly to the Spartans and quickly offered his assistance when they explained their objective. When Thel and his forces attacked the facility he fought bravely with his men while trying to reach the facilities exhaust valves. When he was cornered by Thel and Dygo and warned not to close the exhaust valves he accepted his death and closed them anyways. Thel, who was visibly furious, ordered Dygo to leave. Storm closed his eyes and waited for his death, only to be surprised that Thel had spared him. Thel commended Storm for his courage and left (leaving Storm to rally what was left of his men).

Battle of the Control Room Edit

When Nightflash sent out a message to all the facilities requesting assistance Storm rallied his remaining men and set out to join him. Storm sided with Nightflash when the arguing during a meeting discussing battle plans took place as well as supporting the idea of coloring everyone's armor green (as it would help camouflage his own men. After Swift overturned a Scorpion during his rampage Storm helped the others turn it back right side up (ending most, if not all, tension between them).

Storm fought bravely throughout the battle and briefly gave Spectre supporting fire while he was making a run for the Wraiths with a bomb. Storm watched as Spectre died delivering the bomb and noted that the blast only destroyed one Wraith before Scarecrow dive bombed the remaining Wraith. Storm retreated to the final stand and fought to what seemingly would be the last man. Storm, Ryan, Scope and another marine were all that remained. They were eventually cornered by the Elites but saved by the arrival of Ooskoo and the White Lance. When he and the other survivors were brought to Ooskoo, Storm thought it was a waste of time as he wanted to help the Spartans inside the control room. Ooskoo ordered Raak to take the remaining survivors to the Shrine Room to eliminate the Elites there. Storm was hesitant, wanting to go with Ooskoo, but ended up going to the Shrine Room with the others.

Battle of the Shrine Room/Death Edit

Storm joined the assault on the Shrine Room and fought until he was the last remaining marine. He killed Elites until he was shot in the back of the head by an Ultra with a Type 31 Needle Rifle.

Resurrection Edit

Storm, along with everyone who had been killed during the war, was revived when Swift activated Forerunner machinery that regenerated life (at the cost of Cassi).