Biographical information
Birth dateUnknown
Death date2252

Resurrected: 2552

Physical description
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC, Sev (Formerly), Archangel (Formerly), UNSC Midsummer Night (Formally),
RankSquad Leader
BattlesBattle of the tempest, Battle of the Control Room

Spectre was a ODST under the commander Donnely before being killed at the Battle of the Control Room in year 2552, and was soon resurrected by Swift.


Spectre is an ODST belonging to Commander Donnely in Rise of the Spartans, Spectre is played by

He was first seen leading a squad of ODST's, consisting of him, Nathan, and Stephan. Brass, a member of Dispatch Unit Kilo or, "The Argonauts" was teleported to their position. The squads longsword had crashed and they were pinned down by a covennant force. Evenventually, Brass's teammates, Swift and Whisper along with a marine named Mark, found the squad. Before this happened, Brass and Spectre had been captured. They were saved by Whisper, Swift, Nathan, Stephen, Mark, Austin and Commamander Ryan, Who came in with a Tank.


He was later painted green and fought at the battle of the control room. He was killed by a group of minor elites when planting a bomb to destroy a wraith in the battle of the control room however was resurrected by swift in the same year