The Spartan Academy Tier System is the ranking system of the UNSC Spartan Academy. It is used to tell different Spartans apart, but the leader of a squad is not always a higher Tier than his comrades, as seen with Nightflash.


The order of the ranks goes in this order from top to bottom:​

  • Green - Tier 4/Recruit
  • Blue - Tier 3
  • Red - Tier 2
  • Gold - Tier 1/Spartan Graduate

​After achieving Gold, Spartans still have to gain a certain amount of points before they graduate and go to the battlefield. The final exercise is possibly very difficult. For example, Nightflash had to fight the Actuarian, who was, contrary to Spartan belief, a skilled fighter. However, this may have been simply because Nightflash was being rebellious and the Actuarian did not want him to graduate.

Ranking upEdit

So far, it is at least known that to reach Tier 3, a Spartan must gather 10,000 points. It is likely that the required amount of points increases with each Tier. Examples are that Swift and Brass have known each other in the Academy for four years and are still Blue and Red, respectively.

Another example is found in Brass's argument with Mythic. Romero (Brass) suggests that Mythic- a Green at the time- would reach Blue by the time Romero was Gold. Considering the intention was to insult Mythic, it possibly takes a very long time to reach Gold, as the required amount of points would increase by far compared to Blue's.

Despite this, it is not confirmed that this is how the Spartans rank up. It is shown on a leaderboard that Nightflash had not many more points than Saxon, who was possibly still at Tier 2 at the time. Plus, King is shown not far behind the other Spartans that are a higher Tier than him.