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Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC, Sev (Formerly), Archangel (Formerly), UNSC Midsummer Night (Formerly), Memphis
SpecialtyTurret gunner
BattlesBattle of Highlands

Scope was a Marine of The Midsummer Night, he was apart of Memphis and Alexander's group.

Biography Edit

Scope was a Marine stationed on The Midsummer Night when it crashed onto a Halo ring, Scope was apart of Memphis and Alexander's group when Archangel jettisoned the command centres. When Alexander's group, Blue team, found the A.I Memphis and the rest of his team, Red team, including Scope, thought it would be best to try to reactivate it and learn from it, however Blue team believed it would be best to make weapons from it to fight the Covenant spliting the two sides into a civil war.

The Spartans Edit

When the Spartans arrived on Halo Scope and the rest Reds and Blues, found themselves to be sheltering Swift, he first made contact with the Blues before making his way over to the Red side where he and Scope met, both were on friendly terms with each other, Scope going out of his way to visit him when he is banned to see the A.I or go to the Red side, we also see his relationship with Mark who argues and eventually punch Scope before getting in turn punched by Swift.

We next see Scope discussing a plan with Swift and Memphis to steal the A.I from the Blues. When the plan is put into action, Scope and another Red go over to the Blue side, knocking a Blue out in the process, to trip an alarm so Swift can get in, the two are in turn caught and captured by Alexander and the Blues, however this plan also saves the two teams as this is the moment the Covenant attack and steal the A.I for themselves, without this they would have most likely have ended up dead. After they are able to survive the attack the Reds and Blues are seen talking to each other, likely on much better terms.

Final Battle Edit

Scope took part in the final battle trying to def the Covenant once and for all, however the plans fails and he is one of four survivors; Ryan, Storm, hisself and another Marine. The four team up with the White Lance and fight to the Shrine Room alongside Rock. Scope puts up a good fight but is killed in the battle alongside the other four and Rock. He is later revived and joins the others on the ship back to Earth.