Biographical information
Birth dateLikely before 2533
Death date2552
Current status100% Dead
Physical description
HeightLikely around 5'3-5'5
Affiliation and military information
SpecialtySolo Spartan
BattlesFall of Reach

"I sometimes think the Spartans would be better designed as droids, since that's what they have degraded us to. We have been a system and a program. If your squad succeeds, then there's hope for us yet."

-Saxon discussing the Spartan Academy's system with Nightflash

Saxon was a UNSC Spartan. He seemed to operate on his own in both the Academy and on the battlefield.



In the Spartan Academy, Saxon apparently knew Nightflash as a friend. A day or more before Nightflash became a squad leader, Saxon reminded him that he was running late, to which Nightflash responded that he was "walking late" and that he'd better get running. Saxon then walked over and closed the door that Nightflash and King had forgotten to close.

Sometime later, Saxon confronted Nightflash about his fight with King's squad and the training droids. He told Nightflash that he had actually hoped that his squad might win. He noticed that the Spartans were like droids, and if Nightflash's squad graduated, there would be hope for the Spartans.

Saxon was a red by the time Nightflash became squad leader of Brass and Swift. He possibly graduated during the time Nightflash was imprisoned by ONI for killing the Actuarium.

Later careerEdit


Saxon moments before his death.

It is possible that Saxon fought in some battles before the Fall of Reach, but it is currently unknown. In the Fall of Reach, he fought at and possibly put down two Covenant AA guns. After destroying a ghost, a Phantom came down and dropped off Elite squads.

Despite his efforts, Saxon was killed by the Elite squads. The fate of his body is unknown. It was likely glassed with the majority of Reach.


  • Helmet: Mark VI
  • Right Shoulder: Commando
  • Left Shoulder: ODST
  • Chest: HP/Parafoil
  • Wrist: Default
  • Utility: Default
  • Visor Color: Gold
  • Knee Guards: FJ/Para


  • Primary: Silver
  • Secondary: Blue


  • MA37 Assault Rifle
  • M392 Designated Marksman Rifle



  • He is voiced by the beast that is II Sam II 25