Status: Alive (Resurrected)

Biographical information
Birth dateN/A
Physical description
CyberneticsLikely a Neural Interface
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC, Sev (Formerly), Archangel (Formerly), UNSC Midsummer Night
SpecialtyScorpion operator, grenadier
BattlesBattle at the Tempest, Battle for the Control Room

Commander Ryan, played by TricksterPDH5, is the Commander of one of the groups from the UNSC Midsummer Night


Before the events on the Halo ring, Ryan was one of the commanders on board Midsummer Night, and later jettisoned on an escape pod with Austin and his regiment of marines into the Boneyard when the ship was caught in a trap with two Covenant Corvettes. Possibly after locating the other command bases, Ryan made no radio contact with the other commanders possibly to avoid detection from the Covenant.

Affiliations with The ArgonautsEdit

When Whisper first teleported to the ring, the first marines she ran into were Austin and Ryan, who promptly began talking with her. This playful but insistent commander continues his talking throughout the series, which flusters Whisper greatly.

Commander Ryan saved multiple spartans in part 4 with a giant onslaught of tanks and an entrance a grenade throw. He also called together all of the marines from the Midsummer Night.

Ryan also saved Brass and the O.D.S.T's from the Covenant.

He lead the forces at the Boneyards before Sahjook and Sev took them over. He also was one of the last survivors of the crew of The Midsummer Night along with StormScope and one other marine.