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Welcome to the Rise of the Spartans WikiEdit

Rise of the Spartans is a Halo: Reach machinima series, Created by Arbiter 617 (David), who's the founder,owner and leader of Black Plasma Studios.

Most Active UsersEdit

Master UNSC Done some great work all around the Wikia

Sparkywolf Doing most of the clean-ups and Photo's

Lord Frostbite done some great things on the Nightflash page

BrambleStar14 Doing the whole Mark Story

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Perseus
    edited by Saskamrov 6 days ago diff
    Summary: Minor capitalisation errors
  • edit Sahjook
    edited by Desmond II S382 diff
    Summary: Major changes to Sahjook's page.
  • discussion page Talk:Nightflash
    new comment by AtlantisUchiha
    Comment: Agreed. but can you like put in sections? I was confused when I read it. You should add sections or something?
  • edit Sahjook
    edited by A Fandom user diff
  • edit Storm
    edited by IIAragostII diff
    Summary: Sooooooorrry.
  • discussion page Talk:Storm
    new comment by IIAragostII
    Comment: That picture took me like 10 minutes to take and like an hour to figure out how to put it in the info box. 
  • edit Archangel
    edited by IIAragostII diff
    Summary: Sorry, not Sorry.
  • edit Archangel
    edited by IIAragostII diff
    Summary: Not done. But I plan on doing what I did to Storm to Archangel. Without a bunch of smaller updates this time because I know what I'm doing now kinda.
  • edit Storm
    edited by IIAragostII diff
    Summary: Last edit. I promise. Just added links and a picture.
  • edit Storm
    edited by IIAragostII diff
    Summary: I'm so sorry I've updated this page so much. The first was a complete reorganization. With a slightly detailed biography and better grammar than what was there before. The rest of the small ones (including this) are just little tweaks.

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