Rise Of The Spartans (part 1)

Release Date

12 July, 2011

Directed By:

Arbiter 617

Written By:

Arbiter 617


The Story is about to begin. A new squad of Spartans is put together during Reach's last hours to protect the planet from destruction... inevitable destruction. The squad leader Nightflash however decides that survival would allow the squad to better protect Reach's legacy and avenge the fallen planet. This squad will rise as the others fall. 


The episode begins at Beachhead, a squad of ODSTs were assigned to defend the area at all costs. After suffering one casualty, the remaining four begin debtaing whether it was worth defending the area anymore. Meanwhile at a UNSC Security Outpost, a marine comes up to the commander and says that the ODST squad is pinned down. The commander decides to assist the ODSTs by ordering an orbital strike on the beachhead, hoping to soften the defenses there. Seeing the orbital strike, the ODSTs take this opportunity to move to a better defensive location. As they were traversing, the squad encounters a pair of hunters; where all four focus there fire and manage to kill one. Unfortunately, the second hunter gets to close and kills another ODST, the ODST Captain orders the rest of the squad to fall back. The marine reports to the commander, saying that the squad took another casualty and are pulling back. The commander states that they can't give any more support, and that the ODSTs are on they're own now. The three remaining ODSTs take cover, and continue to debate whether to stay and defend the beachhead, or fall back to the inner city. Then a brown figure appears on the horizon, and starts moving towards the ODSTs. One of the ODSTs sees something coming on the motion trackers, causing the other two to prepare to fire. A grunt comes up the stairway and is immediately killed, prompting the two ODSTs to look at their squadmate. Then an Elite major comes out of Active Camo, and takes out a sword. The three ODSTs attempt to scramble out of the way, but the Elite kills the ODST Captain and attempts to kill the other two. All of a sudden, Ocelot/Spartan 806, saves them in the nick of time and orders them to fall back to the city. As the ODSTs were falling back, Ocelot gave them suppressing fire, killing the remaining hunter, a couple of grunts and jackals, and finishing off a wraith with a rocket launcher.

The three make it back to the Security Outpost, where they're greeted by the commander who angrily asks about the defense of the Beachhead. Ocelot reports that the Beachhead is lost and recommends him to fall back to the inner city to survive. The commander repsonds saying that his orders is to defend the checkpoint no matter what, stating that death is just another road to victory. All of a sudden, a marine monitoring the radar yells that "it went to shit." One of the ODST's says it should be working fine, and asks what it means. The commander immediately jumps to a conclusion: "It means we've got stealth elites." An elite comes out of active camo, revealing a needler rifle pointed at the commanders head. Then a whole squad of stealth elites appear on site. The spec ops elite, orders the marines to drop their weapons and get down on the ground. The marines do as their told, and the spec ops leader tells one of the elites to check their equipment. On one of the nearby buildings, a purple figure is monitoring the situation with a sniper rifle. Everyone but Ocelot is on the ground, the spec ops leader tells him one more time to get down on the ground. Ocelot justs stands still, one of the elites comes from behind and asks permission to execute the spartan. As the elite was about to kill Ocelot, a sniper round to the head kills the spec ops. Taking advantage of the situation, Ocelot takes out his pistol and finishes the rest of the elite spec ops squad. A voice on the radio says, "Thought you might need some help here." Ocelot responds saying that a few moments earlier could've helped. Ocelot moves up toward the front of the barricde, and Whisper/Spartan 316 meets up with him. Ocelot and Whisper begin having a discussion about the situation at hand, but are interrupted by the marine commander asking if they hold this area due to an oncoming Covenant attack. They both agree to stay, and the marine commander requests for reinforcements. A couple squads of marines, along with the last two ODSTs, begin hustling toward the barricade and take defensive positions around the barricade. Ocelot and Whisper decide to flank the elites from behind hoping to trap them on both sides. As the marines wait behind the barricades, a fusion cutter is slicing the entrance in half, the marine commander tells the group to get ready. Then the slicing stops, all is quiet for a few more seconds until a plasma explosion creates a hole in the entrance. Squads of elites start rushing out into the courtyard, the marines and ODSTs begin to fire at will. At first, the elites start taking casualties, but start to find cover. As more elites start entering the courtyard, Whisper jet packs from behind and snipes a few of them before the attacking force starts focusing their attention on her. Whispers hovers near Ocelot's position and asks him for his assistance. The two spartans charge into battle inflicting many casualties on the elites. An Elite Ultra sees this, and takes out his fuel rod cannon. Ocelot sees this, and tells Whisper to get behind him while he goes into Armor Lock. The fire deflects off the shield and Ocelot breaks off after a few seconds when the elites recharge their weapons. Back at the barricades, the marines start taking some casualties as well. Ocelot and Whisper start falling back to the barricade and help support the marines from there. The fighting continues with both sides taking heavy losses, Commander Meaves then notices that an elite ultra is 'slipping around the side ' to which Ocelot goes to deal with. As he trys to ambush it from above the elite knocks him down, he trys to fight back but is smashed back into the ground by the elite. He then notices his shotgun lying on the ground, he dodges around the elite as it swipes at him, pickes up his shotgun and shots it as it charges him. He heads back to the barricade where the fighting has ended, Looking around i is clear it was a hard fough victory. They then are contacted by Nightflash who informs them that they are to return to their headquaters and asks Ocelot to trust him.

The two spartans return to their headquarters where they meet up with Swift, who tells them that Nightflash is planning to get them off reach. Ocelot walks off angerly stating that he has to hear this from him. He then argues with Nightflash about the morality of leaving their home, Ocelot walks off again saying that Nightflash may run but he won't, followed by Whisper who says that they should do as we are told. Nightflash then discusses with Swift about why he wants to leave. Meanwhile Ocelot goes to talk with Brass about what has happened, Brass manages to talk him into joining the rest of them in leaving the planet. Nightflash then tells the rest of the team his plan. The use of a forerunner teleporter suprises Brass, who thought they were going to smuggle off in the back of some carrier and jump to the nearest colonized planet, Arcadia. To hide from ONI they plan to blow up the headquarters and seem like they all died in the explosion and colapsing of the tower.

The spartan team then arrives at the facility where they meet the CEO of the company, Blake, a friend of Nightflash, who says that they will be able to leave in a bit. The facilty is then assaulted by banshees. Nightflash tells his squad to stay in the building but they all rush out to fend off the attack, Brass then tells Nightflash that he should let go a bit so they can be more effective and then runs off to fight the banshees. They take out all but one of the banshees that escapes as Ocelot trys to board it. The spartans come back inside to find out that there is an elite strike force inbound. The spartans plan to use a bomb to sabotage the facility and stop the elites from following, giving the CEO and his workers time to escape through the mountains. Swift heads off to cover the bomb carrier, Whisper sets up on the ridge and the others ambush them as they jump down. Fighting at first favors the spartans, but they are soon over run by elites and fall back into the lab. Swift is then ambushed by a bunch of elites and the bomb carrier is killed. Nightflash orders him to leave the bomb, the spartans then head throught the teleporter and Ocelot runs out to grab the bomb. The spartans then head throught the teleporter as the bomb detonates.


Not Part of the Halo series.

Black Plasma Studios PROUDLY Presents

A FILM BY Arbiter 617


Screen fades to a view of the Sun, changes to an eagle view of Beachhead , a phantom is seen dropping off covenant. Cuts to a pair of jackals walking, the camera pans to a top view of 4 ODSTs crouching in a corner.

  • ODST Captain: "Right, this is our last chance, next plan I want you to drop in just over a minute, and we have our ass all the way back to the forward operations base where they will perch us in. We move faster this time."
  • ODST Soldier #1: "Straight asked you to fall back? Again?"

The ODST Captain looks at the soldier.

  • ODST Captain: "Hey! This time, we have a chance."

Another ODST soldier looks down.

  • ODST Soldier #2: "What about Preston? Did he have a chance?"

Cuts to a view of a 3rd ODST and the 2nd, a Jackal is seen walking on the bridge behind them. The jackal notices the ODST Captain and charges its Plasma Pistol and hits the Captain. The ODSTs begin surpressive fire with their Assault Rifle on the Jackals as more Jackals begin to appear on the bridge. The camera from the full view of the bridge cuts down to a pair of Grunts on foot and a Wraith with a Grunt on its turret.

Cuts to a building on fire with the wording ''''NEW ALEXANDRIA on another. Cuts to a view of a trooper running towards a Commander with troopers at a corner of Boardwalk .

  • UNSC Trooper #1: "Commander, those ODSTs are still locked down at the Beachhead!"
  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "No way we are getting any units up to them in that mess."

The Commander pauses his sentence as he looks away.

  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "Order a Strike on the West face, just tell the Covenant that that Beachhead is ours"
  • UNSC Trooper #1: "Yes sir."

The trooper walks away.

Cuts to the top view of Beachhead, the ODSTs are still firing at the Covenant.

  • ODST Soldier #1: "I can't believe we'd even consider this again, after what just happened to Preston."

Cuts to a view of Grunts walking in line with a Wraith in the background. A red circle suddenly surrounds the Grunts who are near to a tree. Missiles strike the painted location, killing any Covenant in its explosive radius.

  • ODST Soldier #1: "Orbital Strike... what is this?"
  • ODST Captain: "This is our que, lets move!"

The ODSTs follow thier captain while killing any Covenant in their way. Cuts to a top view of the ODSTs running on the bridge, the ODST Captain kills a Grunt at the other side of the bridge. Cuts to a view of the ODSTs stop to witness a Phantom leaving the vicinity.

  • ODST Soldier #1: "Alright it should be about a minute before the next drop."
  • ODST Captain: "Keep moving!"

A Phantom is seen shooting at the ODSTs with its turret and lands at a nearby platform to drop off reinforcements.  A pair of Hunters appear from both sides of the ODSTs and engages them.

ODST Soldier #1: "Hunters!"

The ODSTs engage at the Hunters, they managed to bring down one of the Hunters together. The ODSTs concentrate their fire on the 2nd Hunter, an ODST manages to sidestep the Hunter's melee attack.

  • ODST Captain #1: "Nolan get out of there, watch out!"

A third Hunter appears out in the open and melees the 3rd ODST, sending him flying away. The ODSTs managed to kill the 2nd Hunter.

  • ODST Captain: "Get back, everyone GET BACK!"

The ODSTs retreat back, as the camera pans to a Wraith firing its cannon.

Cuts to a view of Boardwalk again, the trooper returns to its Commander.

  • UNSC Trooper #1: "Another one just went down, they are falling back to the outskirts again."
  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "They are on their own now... we can't give them anymore support at this point."

The Commander looks up in the sky. Cuts to a view of Beachhead as the Camera pans to an ODST.

  • UNSC Trooper Commander: (Voiceover) "Holding the Beachhead is their priority."
  • ODST Trooper #1: "Didn't think things would end this fast. First Preston, and Nolan a few minutes later?"
  • ODST Captain: "It's not over yet,we are still here!"
  • ODST Trooper #1: (Firing his Assault Rifle) "It's over, you know its over!" (Looks at the Captain) "We can't hold the Beach with just us three!"
  • ODST Trooper #2: "Hey guys, I'm picking up something on my radar."
  • ODST Captain: "Can you be more specific than that Private? What does it look like? The Elites or reinforcements?"
  • ODST Trooper #1: "Preferably the latter."

Cuts to a view of a Spartan's back looking at a Phantom landing.

  • ODST Trooper #2: "Heads up! Its approaching us now."
  • ODST Captain: (Turns around) "Get ready!"

A Grunt appears in front of the Captain, the Captain proceeds to kill it. The Captain and the 1st Trooper stares at the 2nd Trooper.

  • ODST Trooper #2: "Sorry I... I... thought it was bigger..."

An Elite Major decloaks behind the Trooper. The ODSTs fired at the Elite who draws his Energy Sword. The elite walks towards the Captain who is still crouching as the two ODSTs back away.

  • ODST Trooper #1: "Captain! Get back!"

The Major kills the Captain, whose body fell of the railing. The Elite turns around and walks towards the 2nd Trooper as both ODSTs fire at him as his shields starts to collapse, the elite was about to kill the Trooper when he was suddenly killed by a shotgun shot from behind. The Spartan from previously appears.

  • Ocelot-S806(Reloads his Shotgun) "Now, would be a good time to go."

The remaining ODSTs follow Ocelot as he engages a group of Grunts and a Hunter. Ocelot kills the Hunter from behind. The ODSTs retreats to a building while Ocelot stops. He notices a Wraith and walks towards it while raising his Shotgun. The Wraith fires its Mortar round and Ocelot activates his Armor Lock Ability to block the plasma explosion. Ocelot gets up and fired a round of rockets, resulting in the Wraith's total annihilation.

Cuts to a view of Boardwalk, the ODSTs and Ocelot passess by a defence position with troopers on guard, the Commander turns around and recognizes the ODSTs from the Beachhead.

  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "Whats this? Who is holding the Beachhead?"
  • Ocelot: "The Beachhead was overrun, and this place will be as well just in a few minutes. I recommend falling back to the Inner City if you want to survive."
  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "Survive? Since when is war been about survival? We hold this point even if we die. We have orders and we'll obey, death is just another road to the same victory. As a Spartan, i figured you'd understand that by now."

Cuts to a UNSC Trooper crouching near a radio.

  • UNSC Trooper #2: "Woah woah woah WOAH! Radar just went to shit."

The Commander turns around, cuts to the 2nd ODST Trooper.

  • ODST Trooper #2: "Should be working fine, what is this mean?"
  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "It means we got Stealth Elites."

A SpecOps Elite wielding a Needler Rifle decloaks beside the Commander and aims at his head.

  • SpecOps Elite #1: "Anyone move and this Human dies."

Another Elite appears beside the Commander and another behind the Troopers. One more appear behind the 2nd ODST Trooper.

  • SpecOps Elite #1: "Drop your weapons, all of you."

The Troopers, ODSTs and Spartan drops their Shotguns.

  • SpecOps Elite #2: (Sangheili) "Search their equipment."

Another SpecOps Elite proceeds to search their radio equipment. Cuts to a brief view of a Spartan with a Sniper Rifle.

  • SpecOps Elite #1: "Everyone down on the ground."

Everyone crouches with the exception of Ocelot, still standing.

  • SpecOps Elite #1: (To Ocelot) "That includes you, demon."
  • UNSC Trooper Commander: (To Ocelot) "Do what he says Spartan."

Ocelot hesitates, still standing.

  • SpecOps Elite #3: "Rawr, you won't listen! (Approaches Ocelot from behind with an Energy Sword) Allow me to tear him in half if he-"

​The SpecOps Elite was suddenly shot by a Sniper round. Ocelot takes out his Magnum immediately and kills the other 3 Elites with ease. Cuts to a female Spartan with a Sniper Rifle and a Jetpack.

  • Whisper-S316 (COM): "Thought you may need some help out here."

Cuts to Ocelot.

  • Ocelot: "A few moments earlier would have been nice as well."

Ocelot walks past the Troopers as they pick up their weapons.

Cuts to Whisper.

  • Whisper (COM): "Well, you know me, I'd figure I'd see how things went first."
  • Ocelot: "Things aren't going well at all Whisper."

Whisper lands with her Jetpack.

  • Ocelot: "Covenant are about to be storming all over this place."
  • Whisper: "And you think thats a bad thing? Ocelot, if there is anything we can handle, its the Covenant."
  • Ocelot: "Not this time Whisper, maybe Nightflash is right, there is no way we are going to save Reach."
  • Whisper: "Then we'll die trying. I heard what the Commander said-"

The Commander walks towards the two Spartans.

  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "Spartans 806 and 316, we could use your assistance holding this waypoint."
  • Whisper(Turns to Ocelot) "What do you say Ocelot?"
  • Ocelot: "I don't know what do say."
  • UNSC Trooper Commander: (From far) "You heard what the Spartan said, this place is about to be crumbled by Covies any minute, and the connection will be cut off."

Whisper and Ocelot walks towards the Commander.

  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "Tell them to send in a few squads."
  • ODST Trooper #2: "Right away."
  • Ocelot: (To Commander) "Please tell me you have a larger defence than this group."
  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "This is our forward operating base Spartan, our last defence before the City. We wouldn't be marines if we couldn't hold it. Help is on the way."

Cuts to a view of Marine reinforcements arriving at the base, all taking their defensive stance at the line of defence.

  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "Gentlemen, we hold the line behind these barricades..." (Continues to Speak)
  • Whisper: "Where are they when the Stealth Elites came in?"
  • Ocelot: "Thats how this war is, sending the pawns first."
  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "... up in that tower. (To the Spartans) Spartan 316, I recommend you use that Long-Rifle of yours on top of my 'boys'."
  • Whisper: "Well, I don't exactly fight like your 'boys'."

Whisper goes to her position.

  • Ocelot: "I'l get em from behind..."

Ocelot walks away. He passes by a Trooper and hands him his Rocket Launcher.

  • UNSC Trooper #3: "Woah... thanks."

The Trooper proceeds to his position.

  • UNSC Trooper #3: (To all the Troopers and ODSTs) "Their strike force is just beyond the wall, Covenant are using the Beachhead to deploy their ground forces."

Cuts to a front view of the right side of the line of defence. Cuts to the main entrance to Boardwalk, A bright spark appears at the top-mid section of the door, as it slowly goes down sparks sprinkle on the ground.

  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "Here they come!"

Cuts to a view of the door again, the moving Spark suddenly stops half way. The Commander looks around in confusion. Cuts to a small door blocked by wooden door near the main entrance, the wooden door was destroyed by a Plasma Grenade, a horde of Elites appear out of the door, surpressive fire was exchanged between the two engaging forces. Cuts to a view of Ocelot who is standing at a higher platform where elites are appearing. Whisper jumps down and Snipes a few elites in the head, an Elite Minor with a Plasma turret fires at Whisper, who jetpacks up into Ocelots position.

  • Whisper: "Care to lend a hand?"

Both Ocelot and Whisper jumps down as Ocelot assassinate an Elite Major from above, Whisper and Ocelot proceeds to kill several Elites with Shotguns. An Elite Ultra suddenly appear with a Fuel Rod Gun.

  • Ocelot(To Whisper) "Get behind me!"

Ocelot goes into armor lock as Whisper crouches behind him, the Elite Ultra shot a round at Ocelot as he was killed a second later. The bullet reflected and hit a nearby ground. Ocelot gets up and place several shots and Elites as he and Whisper retreats. Ocelot, Whisper and the Troopers returned fire. Cuts to a front view of Troopers behind a barricade, a Plasma Grenade tossed by an Elite stuck in one of the Trooper's helmet explodes, killing the nearby Troopers as well. A Sniper trooper backs away in slow motion as he was killed by a Needler Rifle round to the head. Both Forces starts to lose their power. Ocelot notices another Ultra with a Sword approaching but approaches through a different route.

  • UNSC Trooper Commander: (To Ocelot) "Ultra slipping around the side! He is gonna flank us!"
  • Ocelot: "Then you will know where to find me!"

Ocelot jumps towards a sculpture, as he walks along the top of the wall to engage the Ultra, Ocelot was suddenly struck by the Ultra's sword strike.

  • Ocelot: "Ugh, Damn it!"

Ocelot falls to the ground and the Ultra notices him, the Elite attempts to strike him again, Ocelot evades, and punched him however he was striked again. Ocelot saw his fallen Shotgun and dodges the Elite's attacks to retrieve it. The Ultra approaches him but was killed by Ocelot eventually.

  • Ocelot: "Humph, Elites and their swords."

Cuts to a view of a dead Minor inspected by a Trooper. The troopers walked around the battlefield. Ocelot walks up to Whisper.

  • Ocelot: "That was a much larger force than I expected."
  • Whisper: "That was only the first wave, there will be more and we... didn't do so well with this one either."

Cuts to Ocelot's back as he sees the dead Troopers. A Trooper then walks up to the Commander.

  • UNSC Trooper #4: "Commander, incomming transmission from Spartan 617."
  • UNSC Trooper Commander: "617? Well lets see what he wants."

Ocelot and Whisper overheard the conversation and follow the Commander. They arrive at the radar as Nightflash's voice is heard.

Nightflash-S617 (COM): "Commander Reeves , this is Nightflash. I request to speak with my friends."

  • Commander Reeves: "Make it quick Spartan! We got trouble down here." 
  • Nightflash (COM): "...Alone." 

The Commander leaves. Whisper and Ocelot approaches the radio.

  • Ocelot: "And you aren't using our radio helmets, why?"
  • Nightflash (COM): "ONI does monitor the UNSC channels, look I.. I'd need you two back at my headquarters, there has been a change of plans.
  • Ocelot: "Nightflash, they need us down here!"
  • Nightflash (COM): "Ocelot, in a few days there won't be anyone left than you two. A falcon is en route, it will take you back up to the City, and Randy... I need you to trust me on this. See you soon."
  • ​Ocelot(To Whisper) "Trust him? First he disobeys ONI now he is hidding from em. How did he ever get to be a squad leader?"
  • Whisper: "We may be his first squad heck we may be even the worse Spartan squad around but, I think he has good intention. We are no noble team. This war is a lost cause."
  • Ocelot: "He would help if he let us fight it."

Cuts to a view of Night view of New Alexandria's Skyline, a falcon flies towards a building. Whisper is shown in the falcon. The falcon lands on a landing pad of the building. A Spartan approaches the landing falcon. Both Ocelot and Whisper exits the falcon and leaves, they walk towards the Spartan.

  • White Spartan: "He called you guys out as well?"
  • Whisper: "We were down by Beachhead, Nightflash says there is been a change of plans."
  • White Spartan: "There sure has. Ocelot, he is gonna try get us off Reach."
  • Ocelot: "Is this his idea or ONI's?"
  • White Spartan: "His. ONI just made the call that everyone of us is staying. They have even called the Spartans from off planet."
  • Whisper: "Jesus. Don't they realise we lost Reach?"
  • White Spartan: "Thats Nightflash's point, thats why he is trying to get us out of here."
  • Ocelot: "I gotta hear this from him..."

Ocelot walks into the building.

  • White Spartan: "Ocelot won't like this."
  • Whisper: "I'm not sure if I do either."

Whisper walks into the building but was stopped by a call from the Spartan.

  • White Spartan: "Whisper! I know this is the first time that Nightflash is from out of a squad. But it is also the first time that anyone actually thought of what is best for us."
  • Whisper: "This isn't about whats best for us."

​Whisper proceeds to walk into the building. The Spartan is then shown staring at a nearby building.

  • White Spartan: (To himself) "Is that how it is?

The Spartan then enters the building.

Cuts to a view of the interior of the building, a sceneary of buildings is visible through a window. The camera then shows Ocelot and Whisper.

  • Ocelot: "You're gonna leave when Reach needs us most? This is our home, this is where we fight!"
  • Nightflash: Reach is gone Randy, you know that."
  • Ocelot: "So maybe it is David, but that Commander today he told me something, he said death is just another road to victory. Sure we may die but we are victorious in the end."
  • Nightflash: "In the end? No I won't end here. Once they are finished with Reach they will find Earth and destroy it as well."
  • Ocelot: "Earth means nothing to me. Our orders were to defend Reach."
  • Nightflash: "And how are we gonna defend it by dying with it? This is the fall of the Spartans, everyone of us is gonna fall with Reach. When that happens, who would be left to defend its legacy..."
  • Ocelot: "This isn't right, there is no way I'm doing it."
  • Nightflash: "You wanna stay on Reach? Go ahead, I won't stop you, door is right over there.:
  • Whisper: "And let me guess? If we go through there is no coming back?"
  • Nightflash: "No, no you know you can always come back."
  • Ocelot: "Well I don't plan on coming back, you may run but I won't."
  • Whisper: "Ocelot, Randy!"

Ocelot leaves the room. Whisper looks at Nightflash.

  • Whisper: "Maybe we should do as we are told."

Whisper leaves the room as Nightflash looks down. The White Spartan is seen standing outside of the room as he sees Whisper leaves. The Spartan enters the room.

  • White Spartan: "And if we survive? Then what?"
  • Nightflash: "I don't know Clyde, I'll find a way to finish this fight."
  • Clyde: "Maybe its not such a bad thing to die finishing the fight here."
  • Nightflash: "I'm not afraid to die, I'm afraid to lose you, Whisper, Ocelot and Brass. You're my Squad, I live to keep us together and safe. If I can die to protect that I will."
  • Clyde: "The thing about Squad Leader, is he understands that a Squad is expendable-"
  • Nightflash: "No Swift, you are not expendable, don't let anyone tell you that you're expendable. Sure we have larger goals that we fight to acomplish, and we must still fight for ourselves."
  • Swift-S213: "We are Spartans."
  • Nightflash: "But we are still Human, thats what we are fighting for, not Reach, not Harvest. We fight the Covenanat because we are Human."
  • Swift: "We fight the Covenant because we are told to do so."
  • Nightflash: "And forget our hummanity..."

Cuts to a view of a sky garden as Ocelot walks towards the edge of the building. The lower view of a Red Spartan is seen as the camera shows a front view of Ocelot.

  • Red Spartan: "Things must be real bad in there if you're coming out for my advice."
  • Ocelot: "I'm leaving Brass, I'll become a Lone Wolf if I must. He wants to keep us alive and keep fighting the war? Well I can do that just fine on my own."

Brass walks towards Ocelot.

  • Brass-S024: "Everyone is always hiding from something 806. I don't see why its a problem of where we end up hiding."
  • Ocelot: "I don't agree with leaving. Our orders were to stay."
  • Brass: "You are ordered to do a lot of things. One of them was to protect Reach. However, if we all die, Reach will fall. Already the Spartans have begun to collapse. It won't be long before Reach follows."

Cuts to the back view of Ocelot and Brass, a Falcon appears and engages a lone Banshee in the sky, another Falcon appears and assists the first.

  • Ocelot: "But Brass, if we survive, what will we live for? We will be deserters, we will be cowards."
  • Brass: "At first yes, but what about when the UNSC needs us? What about when all the Spartans are gone? And our army is weak. Will we not be heroes, when we rise up, as the last Spartans?"
  • Ocelot: "I have no desire to be a hero."
  • Brass: "But what about to have a purpose? What if us Spartans aren't just toy soldiers for ONI to toss around? What if we can die... saving something? And we can't save Reach anymore."

Cuts to the top view of Ocelot and Brass as a Banshee is seen flying below the building.

  • Brass: "And Nightflash, he can guarantee this all."
  • Ocelot(Looks at Brass in confusion) "How?"
  • Brass: "So you haven't heard the full plan..."

The camera shows the same room that Nightflash is in, now along with Whisper and Swift. Ocelot and Brass appears.

  • Ocelot: "Alright 'Flashy', this better be good."
  • Nightflash: "Its good to see you back, Randy."

The camera cuts to a view of 5 Spartans standing in the middle of two ponds.

  • Nightflash: (To all the Spartans) "...the Installation has been operational for over 10 years now, they have been drawing power from Forerunner technology to power Human machines. One of which, is a teleporter. Now, we can use this teleporter to jump all of us to the nearest colonized planet. Arcadia."
  • Brass: "Woah wait, we're teleporting?"
  • Nightflash: "Yes, is there a problem?"
  • Brass: "No, I just thought we'd all smugle off in the back of some Cargo Ship or somethin'."
  • Nightflash: "I knew the CEO of the industry awhile back. Teleporting... its also gonna prevent us from any chance of being taken out by the Covenant's orbiting forces."
  • Whisper: "ONI is gonna know we left, it won't be long before they track us down."
  • Nightflash: "Actually, they won't track us."
  • Swift: "Why is that?"
  • Nightflash: "Because we are gonna fabricate a little little... situation."
  • Swift: "You lost me."
  • Nightflash: "There is enough explosives rigged to this building to demolish this place, we put them there as a security measure to prevent the Covenant from taking hold of this place. We can easily trigger the explosives and it will seem as if we all... perished in the explosion."
  • Ocelot: "And then, we make for the mountains."
  • Nightflash: "And off of Reach."
  • Swift: "Fine then."
  • Brass: "Sounds good actually."
  • Whisper: "Me too."

Everyone stares at Ocelot, who have not responded with the plan.

  • Nightflash: "...Randy?"
  • Ocelot: "We'll avenge Reach, we'll live to fight the Covenant, the five of us, we may be small, we may be noob but I think we can rise to meet our enemy after our friends have fall. Count me in."
  • Nightflash: "As the others fall, we shall rise."

The camera slowly scrolls up.

  • Nightflash: "Lets go."

Cuts to a burning building which was Nightflash's headquarters, the building then starts to collapse into pieces of debris. Two Falcons fly above the now demolished building and leaves.

The camera cuts to a view of a snowy landscape. A falcon flies past the camera from the right. A view of a landing pad comes into place as the two falcons prepare to land.

  • Nightflash (COM): "This is Spartan 617 requesting clearance to land."
  • CEO Assistant: "Copy that 617. (COM) The landing pad is gold, bigger to land."

The Falcons touched down on the landing pad, Ocelot and Brass is seen leaving the passenger's seat and their Falcon proceeds to leave. The other Falcon's passenger, Swift and Brass, along with the pilot Nightflash, disembarks from it. The Spartans walk down the ramp as the CEO arrives to meet them.

  • CEO: "Hey, hey, HEY!"

A Rocket hog approaches from the right, almost knocking over the CEO. The CEO looks at it in shock.

  • CEO: (To Warthog driver) "WOAH WOAH! Can we move this out of here a bit? Give our guests some room." (To Spartans) "Well, is it this is a surprise? A Spartan Squad in my facility. I'm Blake, the CEO of Trident Industries."
  • Nightflash: "Its nice to finally see you again."
  • Blake: "When I heard you were coming we started drawing additional out of the artifact to get things powered up. You know? So things would be running hot when you arrived. How many of you are making the jump?"
  • Nightflash: "All five of us."
  • Blake: "Hehe right well, won't this be fun? This way please."

The Spartans follow Blake as they pass by a group of workers. Cuts to a view of the entrance of a lab with a teleporter in it.

  • Blake: "Um, here is the lab we'll be using.

The Spartans and Blake enters the lab. The Spartans look around the lab.

  • Blake(To Nightflash) "You know David, when we first met, I thought-"
  • Nightflash: "How long till we are running?"
  • Blake: "Oh, its almost ready, Arcadia colony, am I right?"
  • Whisper: (To Blake) "And you guys, you're... not connected with ONI, are you?"
  • Blake: "Hrgh! No way hossay, ONI and us, we're like... opposite ends of a Spectre. They'd never come up here."
  • Swift: "Brass, did you hear that?"
  • Blake(To Swift) "Oh, we're just drawing power from the artifact, energy runs over our heads."

Cuts to a view outside of the building, Fuel Rod rounds destroys a Warthog and some marines. Swift looks around in confusion and walks out of the building to witness the cause.

  • Swift: "Banshees, everyone take cover!"

Swift activates his Drop Shield Ability, shielding most of the entrance. A Banshee destroys the Shield with a Fuel Rod round. Swift backs away.

  • Nightflash: "Everyone, stay inside! Wait for them to pass on."
  • Ocelot: "Thats not how we roll."

Ocelot walks out of the building.

  • Swift: "Ocelot! (To Nightflash) Its time to let us lose Nightflash."

​Swift follows Ocelot.

  • Nightflash: "Swift, Ocelot its too dangerous out there."
  • Brass: "A suggestion Flash?"
  • Nightflash: "What is it Brass?"
  • Brass: "Maybe if you let go of us a bit more, it will be easier for us to follow you. You can't hold on so tight when you expect us not to trip."

Brass leaves to engage the Covenant. One of the Banshees attempt to ram Ocelot, but Ocelot goes into Armor Lock which causes the banshee to be destroyed. Swift and Ocelot manages to destroy another Banshee with the DMR. A partially damaged Banshee attempts to retreat.

  • Brass: "That last one is getting away!"

Ocelot runs up a heigher ground, catching up to the Banshee's altitude, he jumps in an attempt to hijack it, but ultimately fails. Ocelot is joined by Swift and Brass as the Banshee flees.

  • Swift: "You missed."
  • Ocelot: "I realise that..."
  • Brass: "Its just a scouting wave, that ones gone to grow his nuts."
  • Swift: "Then that means we've got trouble."

Screen fades to black. 

Fades in to a side view of Nightflash, as he sees Brass, Ocelot and Swift enter the lab.

  • Nightflash: "That was good work guys, but we've got a problem."
  • Swift: "Thats what we were thinking."
  • Blake: "Well, its not thinking anymore, they've got dropships inbound."
  • Swift(To Blake) "How many?"

Brass goes out to take a glimpse from far. Four Phantoms approaches the land.

  • Brass: "Lets just round up to way too many!" 
  • Blake(To Spartans) "As soon as you guys leave, we're screwed, we won't stand a chance.
  • Nightflash: "Dosen't this place have any self-destruct? Anything we can do to sabotage the facility."
  • CEO Assistant: "There is an excavation bomb at the far end of the facility. If we brought it here we can destroy the teleporter. That way they won't follow you through."
  • Blake(Sigh) Then we better get on it. Nightflash, I need your team to give us cover, we'll stay and make sure you get through."
  • Nightflash: "No no, you need to get out of here. Take the road into the mountains, we'll get things from here. Just deliver that bomb."
  • Blake: "Alright, thank you Spartans."

Blake and his assistant leaves the lab.

  • Whisper(To Blake) "No, thank you."
  • Nightflash: "Thanks, and we'll see you again someday."

Blake stops and turns around.

  • Blake: "Nightflash, remember when we first met years ago? I said you'll never make a Squad Leader, looks like I was wrong."

Blake leaves for his Warthog, Ocelot looks at Nightflash. Blake and his assistant board on the side seats of both Warthogs, the Warthogs leaves the vicinity through a tunnel. A soldier follows the Warthogs on foot behind. 

  • Ocelot: "Lets get that bomb here, quick."

The Spartans leave the lab.

  • Nightflash: "Swift, get to the bomb carrier, keep him cover up close. Quickly go GO! Whisper, I need you to get on that ridge, priortize targets."
  • Whisper: "You know thats not how I-"
  • Nightflash: "Whisper please, I need you to be part of the team. Brass, Ocelot, come with me and we'll take out their forces when they land."
  • Ocelot: "Lets move! They are coming in."

Swift reaches the bomb carrier.

  • Swift: "Thought you could use some cover, stay behind me, hurry!"

Swift and the Bomb Carrier walks off, two Phantoms arrive to drop in several Minors and Majors, including an Ultra with a Gravity Hammer and a Fuel Rod Gun. The Elites saw Swift and the Bomb Carrier and approaches them, Brass and Ocelot is seen hidding, waiting to ambush the Elites. Nightflash engages the Elites, along with Ocelot and Brass. Two Rangers activates their jetpacks, targeting Swift.

  • Nightflash: "Swift, you got Rangers heading your way!"
  • Whisper(To Nightflash) "I'll take that as pirority."

Whisper takes out one of the Rangers as the other Ranger lands directly in front of Swift, Whisper immediately took out the other Ranger. 

  • Swift(To Whisper) "Save some for me will you?"

​Whisper turns around, and saw reinforcements coming.

  • Whisper (COM): "Ghosts, coming in for the bad guys." 

Two marines is seen standing at a hill, one of them notices something coming up to them and fires, but both marines died after a Ghost splatter them. The Ghost attempts to splatter Ocelot, but goes into Armor Lock and destroys it. Another Ghost passes by Ocelot and targets Brass, but ultimately fails as it was a hologram, the Ghost rams against a wall, with Brass beside it.

  • Brass: "You miss!"

Brass takes out the Elite pilot.

  • Brass: "And thats going on your license!"

Camera cuts to Whisper witnessing the reinforcements. With Ocelot and Brass hiding behind a rock.

  • Whisper (COM): "They are gathering around the left guys, you're gonna have to push throught them!"

Brass is taking cover while Ocelot fires at the Elites. Camera cuts to a back view of the Elites, inside the lab a red light brightens up as Nightflash takes out a Ranger standing on a hill with his Spartan Laser.

  • Whisper: "I guess I'm no longer needed up here."

Whisper walks towards a higher hill and uses her jetpack to land beside the Elites. She took out two Elites as the Ultra suddenly appears behind her, the Ultra manages to take her out with his Gravity Hammer before she could take flight. Cuts to a view of Nightflash

  • Nightflash: "Alright Swift, bring that bomb in."

The camera zooms out to show Swift and the Bomb Carrier walking towards a bridge.

  • Swift (COM): "We're almost there!"

Cuts to Whisper, who stands up from her fall.

  • Whisper: "That seemed better in my head..."

Ocelot, Brass and Whisper is seen retreating into the lab.

Cuts to the view of the Bridge, Swift and the Bomb Carrier is seen crossing it, Elite reinforcements suddenly arrive behind them.

  • Swift: "Where did those come from?"

The Bomb Carrier was taken out by a Focus Rifle, Swift activates his Drop Shield.

  • Swift: (To Nightflash) "I can't get the bomb! Its too far and they are closing in!"
  • Nightflash: "Leave it, lets get out of here!"

Whisper leaves from his Drop Shield and run into the lab.

  • Whisper: "Everybody inside!" (To Nightflash) "I hope you know how to work this thing flash."
  • Nightflash: (To Whisper) "So do I." (To Spartans) "I'll follow up the rear, see you all in the other side and hey if we ever got split up I promise I'll find you. I won't stop until we are all together and safe again I swear. Swift, you first.

Swift steps into the teleporter, a bright light encases him and he disappears.

  • Nightflash: "Whisper and Brass, you two follow."

Whisper and Brass enters the teleporter, the same thing happens to them.

  • Nightflash: "Ocelot? OCELOT!!! Randy-"

Ocelots appears in front of him.

  • Ocelot: "Thought you could use this."
  • Nightflash: "Nice... lets go."

Randy steps into the teleporter.

Cuts to a view of the large Electric transmitter, an Elite Ultra walking by heard an electric spark in it. The camera follows the wire up to the teleporter as the screen slowly brightens up. Cuts to a view of the teleporter as Nightflash steps into it.

  • Nightflash: "Enjoy the gift."

As Nightflash disappears, elites enter the lab looking around and messing with the controls. A timer is heard as it increases slowly. The screen fades to white quickly and changes to black. An explosion is then heard.

(Credits Roll)

Rise of the Spartans Part 1 (Reach Machinima)

Rise of the Spartans Part 1 (Reach Machinima)