Rahgath is a Sangheili ship master in the Covenant who discovered a Halo ring. He was part of the Rotam Bloodline.

 Military Career Edit

As a young Sangheili he was trained by Ooskoo Rotam. He yearned to become a fleetmaster. He wanted to prove that he was worthy. After years he would eventually become a shipmaster with Firelight as his second in command, but still didnt believe he was worthy 

Betrayal and WarEdit

Rahgath found a Halo ring. Some time later his former master and brother Ooskoo in his own ship came out of slipspace, being chased by the U.N.S.C ship Midsummer Night. After saving his master's ship he told Ooskoo of his plan to activate Halo himself. However he did not want the prophets to know about this so he fired at Ooskoo's ship supposedly killing everyone except Raptor, Kalos and Thel and a third Elite who sneaked onboard; Fido. He left Thel in the care of Firelight, sent Kalos to the special operations bay, and left Raptor in the communications room.  However the U.N.S.C Midsummer Night found them but it was badly damaged, the ship was hidden and sent into orbit, escape pods were lapunched on the ring with the humans knowing this would mean war with the Covenant. After 6 months of firefights with the Humans, Spartans arrived on the ring and began causing problems, Firelight then reported that a traitor saved the Spartan; Ocelot. After more Spartans cause more trouble Rahgath made his move for the control room along with his Generals killing many humans along the way and the traitor Raptor when his shields were brought down by his Honor Guards.


Swift ran into Rahgath and his Honor Guards after they killed Nightflash. Swift went into rage and massacred all four of the Guards and then Rahgath.

After Swift brought everyone who had fallen back to life, he was cornered by a furious Rahgath. Sev then appeared, who Rahgath had previously killed, and shot down Rahgath after killing his honor guards.