"Where are the male dancers?!" PerseusEdit

"I keep telling you, it's not that kind of party!" Scarecrow

Perseus and Scarecrow before the Part 5 party.

Perseus was a member of the Eagles UNSC airborne task force.

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His name is commonly pronounced wrong as Pegasus

Perseus first arrived with the rest of the Eagles shortly after Dispatch Unit Kilo reunited. He served onboard a UNSC Falcon on the first Island battle, at this point him and his fellow soldiers finished off the remains of the Elite forces. The remaining Elites were taken prisoner, whom Perseus insulted numerous times. When a plan was formulated to finish off the retreating Elite forces, Perseus served as a Falcon pilot carrying Whisper and Brass, along with two ODSTs. He returned to the Island base, which was soon overrun by Elite forces, closing the trap. Perseus was revealed to have been taken prisoner by the Elite forces. Whisper, Brass and Nightflash save the remaining Marines, including Perseus, who proceed to realise that a much larger Elite force is heading to the Island, lead by a mysterious new Ultra. Perseus found Swift arriving at the Island shortly before the assault, after being surrouned by Steath Elites. After escaping the Island battle, Perseus served once more as a Falcon pilot at the battle for the control room, where he died towards the end of the battle. He now resides at a local gentlemen's bar living illegally in the wine cellar, he has been known to accept payment for many "services" to a limited number of patrons.

Perseus' Falcon was heavily damaged by Plasma cannons, which caused Perseus to land the Falcon in a river, next to a firefight led by Major O'Donnely. First assumed dead in the crash, three Elites approach the crash site, to be gunned down by Perseus using the Falcon turret. Perseus charged the Elites, who were overwhelming O'Donnely's position. After defeating the Elite forces at the river, Perseus is stabbed by Sahjook, which is shortly followed by Major O'Donnely's death.


  • During part 8 Perseus used a Plasma Rifle that he retrieved from a dead Spec Ops he killed while Scouting before the fourth Island battle.
  • Perseus' response to Brass' introduction in Part 5, as well as his obession with Male dancers at the party hints that Perseus may have been homosexual. But it was never officially confirmed.


  • Helmet CQB
  • Shoulders Operator left, MJOLNIR Mark V right
  • Visor: Black