The survivors of the UNSC Midsummer Night were scattered all over the Halo array when the ship pursued Ooskoo's corvette. However, as the two ships entered out of slipspace, a second corvette was waiting for them. The three ships were in the area of a Halo ring. After taking critical damage, Captain Archangel gave the order to evacuate to the ring. The crew of the ship split into divisions with their commanding officers. Most of the crew escaped to the Halo ring, Archangel activated the ships cloaking device. The divisions of the crew were scattered across the ring.

Known groups.Edit

The known survivor groups were Captain Archangel in the canyon, Commander Ryan in the Boneyards, Menphis and Alex in the Highlands, Storm at the saber-ports, Scarecrow and her airforce, and Major Donnely with his ODST's.

They all supported the Unit Kilo spartans and eventually banded together in the forest outside of the control room of Halo.