Memphis ROTS
Biographical information
Death date2552
Physical description
Affiliation and military information
RankMarine Commander
BattlesFall of Reach



After his and his brother Alexander's ship crashed in the Highlands, they started fighting each other for power, eventually splitting the Highlands in half. One half was the red team's side, led by Memphis and second-in-command Scope, while the other half was led by Alexander and second-in-command Mark. The Reds found an AI in the highlands but the Blues soon stole it to turn it into weapons.

The Highlands

Memphis is first seen in the series when Scope introduces him to Swift. Memphis informs Swift of how the Blues plan to turn the AI in the highlands into weapons cannot be done because neither teams no anything about the technology, and sends Swift on a mission to steal the AI. Swift disagrees and says he has to find his squad, but Memphis convinces him otherwise.

Swift then returns to Memphis and informs that the AI is still alive and the Blues are destroying. When Memphis asks how he knows, Swift tells him he can communicate with it. Memphis says that the technology behind the AI is more important than ever now and it must me captured before the Blues destroy it. Memphis then sends Swift, Scope, and a red named Trevon to steal the AI

Memphis is seen in a room along with Mark, Swift, Whisper, Alexander, and Scope after the Elites attacked the Blues base. He then leaves saying that even though they worked together to drive back the elites, the Reds and Blues are not even.

Battle on the Ring

Memphis, Alexander, and Scope all participated in the battle on the ring. Memphis and Alexander make amends before the fight, pushing over a scorpion together after Swift's rampage. They then went into battle against the Elites.

Death and Resurrection Edit

Memphis and Alexander were killed together by Ragath as the ring was invaded by Elites.

They were both seen resurrected when Swift and Cassi activated a forerunner artifact, arguing about the things they left at the Highlands when moving into the flagship.