King 278
Biographical information
Spartan Tag S278
Death date2552
Current status"Missing In Action"
Physical description
Affiliation and military information
RankSquad Leader
SpecialtyStandard Assault Weapons
BattlesFall of Reach
ClassTier 3 Spartan (Later promoted to Tier 2)

Life at Spartan Training CenterEdit

King and Nightflash (King's room-mate) were rivals at the Spartan Training Center. Unlike Nightflash, King's morality of being the "Perfect Spartan" and strictly following protocols lead to friction between them. He is first seen as a Tier-3 Spartan, as indicated by the blue armor he wore during his training at the Spartan Academy. Sometime during Nightflash's time in prison, he was promoted to Tier-2, which is indicated by the red armor he was wearing at the time. He is once seen telling Nightflash that he never has dreams, and that he also doesn't believe in luck, preferring to solve his troubles through determination and following his ideals as a Spartan. Viewers are to believe he was also partly (or mostly) responsible for Nightflash killing the Actuarian, as he told Nightflash that he didn't have what it takes to pull the trigger when told so. After Nightlfash was released from prison to gather his things, ready to set out for war, King is seen asking Nightflash if his actions later played a role in the Actuarians death.

During the Elite siege at The Training Center, he is mortally wounded by an elite. He was then killed by Ragath.

Kings Death Edit

"[King is backing down from a ramped platform in the Training Center, allowing the newly arrived Marines to provide cover fire. The Marines begin to be ambushed from both sides, prompting King to express annoyance.]

[An elite rushes towards King from behind, but he quickly kills it with a blast from his shotgun. King turns, only to have a crystalline shard from a Needle Rifle puncture his lung.]

King: *gasping noises*

[King looks at his attacker, a Spec Ops elite with the Needle Rifle. King drops to one knee with a slight gasp before staring down at the floor. The elite walks past him, leaving him to die.]

King: *gasping noises*

[King begins to hallucinate about Earth, eventually unable to feel the pain. He stands, and starts walking up the ramp, all the while seeing a tree in front of him bathed in the sun. The scene flickers from the real world to his hallucination.]

King: ...

[A Field Marshall appears behind King and finishes him off with a sword through the back, presumably killing him, and leaving his body where it lay.]

Acting Information Edit

Spartan 278 was voiced by actor Brandon Coe (Also known as NostalgicMass20).