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"Of course you did! That is because you are no different than these two worms lying before me, weak and ineffective!" - Firelight in responce to Thel.

Firelight is a Sangheili Zealot and the Leader of the ground forces on Halo, working under Ragath .

Battle of the unknown HaloEdit

He fought in the battle of Halo and lead many battles there.


In the midst of killing Ocelot and Raptor on the Spire , Thel arrives to Firelight with news of his mission. Thel tells Firelight that he failed his mission. Firelight insults Thel claiming he is nothing more than the two "worms" lying infront of him (referring to Ocelot and Raptor) and also says he is weak and ineffective. Thel, enraged, grabs Firelight from behind and slices him with his sword, knocking him off the Spire. Firelight is ressurected as Swift activates the regeneration but does not suffer the same fate as Ragath, instead is imprisoned by the Elites.


Abusive to Thel, he is shown to be usual moody and mean,

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