Fido is an ambiguous purple Elite in the Rise of the Spartans. Christened Fido by the marines, nobody currently knows her real name simply because she doesn't converse with any of the characters. Strangely enough, she helps the humans against the Covenant. Fido has shown a friendship with Nightflash as she somehow upgrades his Spartan Laser to fire a more concentrated green laser  which also has the ability to open Forerunner doors. Fido manned the gun on the back of Nightflash's warthog to assist in the assault of the Covenant barricade in the canyon. If you study Part 7 carefully, it is noted that Fido came in the same Spirit class dropship with Raptor, Thel, and Kalos from the other Covenant corvette that was supposedly scuttled.It is also noticed that Fido does not die.


Fido Holding a Spartan Laser During Part 2

Her armour variation is:Edit

  • Minor

Her colors are:Edit

  • Purple

Her weapons mainly consist of:Edit

  • T25 DEP AKA Plasma Pistol
  • T25 DER AKA Plasma Rifle
  • T33 GML AKA Needler
  • T31 R AKA Needle Rifle

Fido also possesses the knowledge to use a

LRV M41 14.7mm LAAG AKA Warthog Turret Machine Gun

Her armour ability is:Edit

  • Evade - The user throws themselves in a direction, allowing for quick dodging of an enemy attack.

More InformationEdit

In Part 9 of ROTS, Ooskoo revealed to the surviving soldiers that Fido was actually a female spy for Ooskoo who informed him of all info involving Ragath. She then accompanies Ooskoo to defeat Ragath.

If you pay attention throughout ROTS, you will notice almost always when fido appears on the screen you hear some silly music come on


Fido sacrificed her own life to save Ooskoo when she jumped in front of a plasma grenade that Ragath threw at Ooskoo, which then detonated and killed her. She was, however, revived by Swift when he brought everyone who had fallen back.