Biographical information
Death date2552
Physical description
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC Helljumpers
BattlesBattle of Unconfirmed Installation

"So what you're saying is that we paint all ourselves green so we won't know who we're fighting alongside?"

-Donnely questioning Nightflash's plan

Major Donnely was a UNSC Helljumper. He lead a team of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and was stationed on the UNSC Midsummer Night until its destruction.


Military careerEdit

Not much is known about Donnely before the UNSC forces were forced to abandon the Midsummer Night. He likely launched from the ship when it was being attacked and gathered what was left of his team. He was probably holding out somewhere until he heard Nightflash's message.

He first met Swift and Brass, and after acknowledging them, he ordered his ODST's out. Moments later he started shouting at Stephen, Spectre, and Nathan for not returning the Longsword they used. Donnely claimed that they were probably hiding the whole time.

Fortunately for the other three, Brass, who had fought alongside them, stepped in. He informed Donnely of what the team had done and that Spectre had taken on three Elites with a traffic cone. Brass then told Donnely that the team deserved highest honors.

Later, Donnely met with the other commanders to form a strategy. When Nightflash demonstrated with Fido how to stab an Elite when in close quarters, he intervened, saying it would take more than a knife and flashy acrobatics. Swift then stepped in and reminded him Nightflash was not finished.

However, Ocelot then said he wasn't dedicated to the plan yet himself. After more arguing, Raptor stepped in and told them how were being worse than grunts. He reminded them that if they'd spent half the time forming a strategy, they would have gotten somewhere.

Donnely, not taking this, burst out at Raptor, reminding him that it was his kind they were fighting. Ocelot stepped in, not able to tolerate Donnely insulting both Nightflash and Raptor. After Donnely asked Nightflash again what they were to do, Nightflash spoke of a friend's dream.

He spoke of a dream where all Spartans, and everyone else, could be equal. He added that Green, Tier 4, was the lowest rank and they overcame that to get to Tier 1. Unsure of what Nightflash was saying, Donnely asked if they were to paint themselves all green.

Storm noticed that it would give them better camoflauge in the forest enviroment. Ryan used his supplies to spray paint the marines and the Argonauts green.

In the battle, Donnely fought alongside his ODST's for a long time. However, at one point, his team was overrun by Elites. Perseus, who had survived his Falcon crash, jumped out and saved him. Donnely tried to confirm his name, thinking it was "Pegasus".

When Perseus corrected him, Sahjook came out of cloacking and killed Perseus. Angered, Nathan left his position, only for Donnely to be killed by Sev. After Nathan tried to avenge Donnely by killing Sev, Sahjook snuck up behind him and stabbed him, killing Nathan instantly.