Commander reeves

Commander Meves

Commander Meves


Biographical information
Death date2552
Physical description
Affiliation and military information
SpecialtySquad leader
BattlesFall of Reach

"Since when has war been about survival; we hold this point even if we die. Death is just another road to the same victory"

Biography Edit

Commander Meves was the leader of a large marine squad during the fall of Reach. He and his marines helped Whisper, Ocelot and the remaining two ODSTs from the beachhead defend the last holdout point before the inner city of New Alexandria. Meves' squad defeated the Elites however there were many human casualties including a lot of the marines and the two ODST survivors from the beachhead.

Death Edit

Meves was hunted down and killed by a group of elites while retreating to Sword base.

Reeves death

Meves being killed