King: Killed by an Elite Field Marshall after being severely wounded

Mythic: Killed by an Ultra after saving King from a Minor

Roxanne: Killed by a Minor while trying to reload in Drop Shield

Meeves: Killed by Minors while trying to defend Sword Base's entrance

Saxon: Killed by multiple Elites near destroyed Covenant AA Guns

Raptor: Killed by Rahgath when he shoots a Needle Rifle round into his neck.

Mark: Killed during the invasion the second invasion of the Island by Minor.

Memphis: Killed by Rahgath with his brother Alexander after defending the final line from elites.

Alexander: Killed by Rahgath with his brother Memphis after defending the fnal line from elites.

Perseus: Killed by Sahjook after his falcon crashes and saving Donnely.

Scarecrow: Sacrifices herself by kamikaze into a Wraith.

Brass: Killed by Sev after staying behind to get Whisper, Alexander and Memphis out of the room.

Whisper: Killed by Minors, sacrifices herself to hold off elites from approaching. 

Stephen: Killed by Wraith while in a Gauss Hog.

Nathan: Killed by Sahjook after witnessing Donnely's Death by Sev.

Thel: Killed by Sahjook by knocking him off the Spire.

Actuarian: Killed by Nightflash after taunting him for him not able to pull the trigger.

Austin: Killed by Sev during the Attack on the BoneYard while trying to escape

Archangel: Killed by Minors and Sahjook after being betrayed by Sev.

Marines: Killed by Covenant Soldiers.

Elites: Killed by Marines, Spartans, the White Lance survivors

Firelight: Killed by Thel after insulting him.

Sev: Killed(?) by Nightflash after being knocked into the beam.

Spectre: Killed by Covenant Soldiers when delivering a bomb.

Donnely: Killed by Sev.

Rahgath: Killed first time by Swift in a rampage. Killed after being resurrected by Sev.


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