"In my quest for gold, I learned many useless skills, one of which was piloting Sabres"
Brass Pilots a Saber

Brass Piloting Saber

Brass "Romero"


Biographical information
Spartan Tag S024
Death date2552
Resurrected: 2552
Physical description
Affiliation and military information
SpecialtyHeavy Weapons Specialist
BattlesFall of Reach

Brass is the heavy weapons specialist of Spartan Dispatch Unit Kilo.


The sarcastic and laid back member of Dispatch Unit Kilo or 'The Argonauts' as Brass nicknamed them, Romero is always keen to crack a joke or to introduce Sam (his turret) to his enemies. Romero didn't always have the laid back attitude he displays now. During his Spartan training with Swift and Nightflash, he was completely devoted to working and obtaining the rank of 'gold'. This all work and no play attitude disappeared after the death of the Actuarian where he was banned from obtaining gold due to associating with Nightflash.

He has been shown to be obnoxious and maybe insensitive at times, but generally has shown to be a moral boosting member of Dispatch Unit Kilo and is a stark contrast to the moody and depressing comments of Ocelot.


After they went to go find the activation index, he stayed behind to let everyone have a chance to get away. After killing dozens of elites, Brass was killed by Sev.


In Part 9 Brass comes back to life after Swift and Cassi use a Forerunner device to bring life back to him and all who died on Halo including his squad members.

Information about BrassEdit

His armor is:Edit

  • Helmet - Air Assault
  • Right Shoulder - Hazop
  • Left Shoulder - Hazop
  • Chest - UA/Base Security

Armour Colors:

  • Primary - Crimson
  • Secondary - Orange

His Weapons mainly consist of:Edit

  • M45 TS AKA Shotgun
  • M247H AKA Heavy Machine Gun Turret
  • M392 Designated Marksman Rifle AKA DMR

Armor Ability:Edit

Hologram - The user creates an 'image' of themselves that moves independently of the user in a straight line. It will disperse once a certain amount of time has passed or damage received.


  • Despite being a heavy weapons specialist he uses a M392 DMR and the M45, which are not heavy weapons.
  • His mini gun "Sam" was left behind on Halo.