Battle of the Control Room




Ragath dies and his army is stopped, ending the war on Halo and the Great Journey


Humans/White Lance and Ragath's Loyalists

Belligerent 1 Commanders

Nightflash, Swift, Ocelot, Whisper, Raptor, Ooskoo Rotam, Memphis, Kalos, Alexander and Storm

Belligerent 2 Commanders

Ragath, Sev, Sahjook and unnamed Honor Guardsman

Belligerent 1 strength

Many marines and Humans, Scorpion Tank, White Lance Elites and Warthog

Belligerent 2 strength

Many Elites and Corvette

Belligerent 1 casualties


Belligerent 2 casualties

Ragath and some Elites

Battle of the Control Room is the final battle in Rise of the Spartans. Ragath's army now plans on firing Halo in it's control room however the Humans plan to stop them in a bloodbath. Nightflash's plan was to paint everyone green in order to make everyone equal and operate as a single unit using teamwork. 

At first, the Elites quickly outnumbered the Humans and began killing all of them in a massacre. Ragath and his Honor Guards soon joined the fight personally and the Elites killed Whisper. Ragath himself then killed Raptor and his Elites outnumbered an angered Ocelot and managed to kill him too. Nightflash and Swift infiltrated the control room and Storm and other soldiers were prepared to be executed by the Elites however Ooskoo Rotam and his Elites arrived, killing the Elites and saving them. Sahjook and Sev were soon encountered by Nightflash and Swift, Sahjook was killed in the fight but Sev survived. 

A fraction of the White Lance along with Kalos invaded Ragath's corvette and taken over. Ooskoo later confronted Ragath and defeated Ragath in a duel however he was killed as well. Ragath later had Sev activate Halo and Ragath then betrayed and assassinated Sev. Swift soon stopped and managed to kill Ragath then saved everyone who died on Halo by using Cassi to revive everyone and stopped Halo's activation. Ragath was revived too but was gunned down and finally put to rest by an vengeful Sev, Ooskoo went to his body and was thankful for his death. The battle then ended and Firelight and the rest of Ragath's loyalists were imprisoned.