Austin first appearance

Austins first appearanc



Biographical information
Birth dateN/A
Death date2552
Physical description
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationUNSC, Sev (Formerly), Archangel (Formerly), UNSC Midsummer Night (Formally), Ryan.
BattlesBattle of the tempest]

"I'm Ryan's advisor" Austin played by iFight2Protect was Ryan's 'Advisor' and supplier


Austin was one of Ryan's trusted men and packed supplies for him. When The Argonauts when through the teleporter, Whisper landed by Ryan's base. When Ryan and Austin met her, they promptly started talking with her. He went with Ryan to help out Whisper, Brass, ODSTs Spectre, Nathan, Stephan and Mark Who were all trying to recover the stolen AI Austin was a marine who served during The Battle of halo.

From the blue squads base in the highlands from elites. He performed a grenade throw. When Nightflash call everyone together from the MidsummerNight Ryan took most of his marines with him to Nightflash while Austin stayed behind with the rest of the marinews to guard their base. Austin supplyed Ryan with four crates full of propane tanks to aid him in the battle of the control room.


He was killed by Sev while trying to escape the Boneyards at Ryans base however was resurrected by swift in part 9.

Armour and weaponsEdit

◾Armor: Helmet: MARK V (Base), Left & Right Shoulder: Default, Chest: Default ◾Colours: Teal primary, White secondary ◾Weapons: Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Magnum ◾Armor Ability: Sprint ◾Visor Colour: Default