Second Captain of the Midsummer Night.

Physical Description:

Gender: Male

Species: Human






M45 Tactical Shotgun,

M392 Designated Marksman Rifle

Archangel (also known has Lucas) is the second in command of the UNSC Midsummer Night.



Archangel on halo

Lucas is a determined commander, and he will do anything to get the job done. He cares a lot about his men which is evidently shown throughout the series.


Lucas is first seen with his men engaged in a skirmish with Raptor and his unit. Archangel and his men escape after Raptor is called off. He is also one of the first to encounter Nightflash after he is teleports off Reach. He explains his situation to Nightflash and takes him on a tour of the canyon, also showing him the Elite Blockade keeping them inside the canyon.

Battle of the Canyon Edit

After Nightflash tests his modified Spartan Laser on a turret on the blockade they attack and Archangel orders his men to deploy. They eventually push the Elites back and Archangel demands the reasoning of Nightflash's attack to which he responds that he was testing their power.

Second Battle of the Canyon Edit

After Raptor escorts Ocelot to Archangels base and Nightflash takes him on a tour of the canyon a battle breaks out as they speak. Archangel fights with his men until the blockade is destroyed.

The Island Edit

After the blockade is destroyed Archangel orders his men out of the canyon. They are interrupted by Sev and Archangel and the Spartans take him on. Ocelot is incapacitated and Sev escapes. When Ocelot recovers Archangel apologizes for getting Sev involved and quickly moves on. They then occupy the Island and imprison the Elites that survived.

Battle of the Island Edit

After the Spartans have reunited the Elites attack the island but are quickly defeated by the combined efforts of the Spartans and marines, as well as the timely arrival of Scarecrow and the Air Division.

A party is held in celebration of the victory and Archangel gives his men a speech.

Second Battle of the Island Edit

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  • His call sign could be a reference to the Archangels, who were the chief angels in varies religions.
  • He wears a commando helmet, ODST right shoulder, UA/Base security left shoulder, HP/parafoil chest, and fj/para knee guards.
  • The music that plays during the battle in the gulch after Fido shows up is called "Archangel" from a band called "Two Steps From Hell".