The Actuararian


Biographical information
Death date2551
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"These Spartans are my assets, Conroy. I'm not interested in making a family out of them."


The Actuarian was the founder of the Spartan program. He is a very cold and calculating man and makes Nightflash's life a misery in Part 6. I.e putting him up against King. He views the Spartans as assets and not people.

On Nightflash's final mission, the Actuarian fought against Nightflash, Swift, Brass and a several of droids. The Actuarian took out the droids in Energy Sword combat before hitting Brass, then switching to his grenade launcher and took out Swift before moving on to Nightflash with his sword. The Actuarian told Nightflash that he is not responsible to pull the trigger and after hearing that, Nightflash kills him with his magnum.

Nightflash Shooting the Acturarian

Nightflash killing the Actuarian

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Actuarian was voiced by Fairfieldfencer
  • Original described as old by Arbiter he ended up sounding much younger than the voice Fencer had auditioned with.

Armor & WeaponsEdit

  • Helmet: Security UA/HUL
  • Shoulders: Mjolnir Mark V
  • Chest: UA/Counterassult
  • Knees: FJ/Para


  • He is one of the handful of characters that does not come back as he was not on Halo.