16807 Contrite Vestige


Biographical information
HomeworldInstallation 06
Death dateN/A
Physical description
GenderMale personality
Eye colorBlue
CyberneticsMetallic Forerunner casing
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationForerunner Monitor
RankMonitor of Installation 06

 "Alone for so many years and I approach the newcomers with demands? I am foolish... I am going crazy..."

16807 Contrite Vestige is the monitor of the Halo ring that UNSC Midsummer Night discovered. He appears to be affected by loneliness and seems to know 343 Guilty Spark and 2401 Penitent Tangent.


He undoubtedly noticed the UNSC and Covenant activity on and above the ring. Contrite then realized months later that Swift was in possession of an A.I., which was unacceptable.

Later, Contrite tried to confiscate Cassie, but did not use force when Swift refused. Instead he drifted off chiding himself for greeting the newcomers with demands. Nightflash found him in a cave and convinced him to help them, apologizing for scaring him off.

Contrite opened the facility and led Brass, Whisper, Memphis, Al, and some marine through the teleporter. He then led them through the large facility, and Whisper asked him who had the Index. Contrite pointed out Sev and Sahjook had it, and a large battle started.

When the Spartans asked him for an exit, Contrite pointed it out and led them to it. Whisper was injured, but Brass stayed behind to let them all escape. Brass's sacrifice ultimately led to his death.

Later, Contrite was in the halls near the control room. He reflected back on his actions, or lack thereof. He then decided that he would help them in a better way than he had tried before.